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22€ backpaker 2.0 downgrade

Today I decided that my backpack is to big and to heavy, but meanly I realized I need something I can always have with me and not to be forced to go back in the hostel, gest house or wherever I left it. So I whent to the market and for 7 euro I bought a …

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A quick break in Saigon before to go in Cambodia Here I am with Trang, she host me together with Artyom a 2 years traveller 🙂 Random arroun the city… wanderful time and conversation.. Posted by Giovanni

”Crazy house”

After a nice bicycle trip, and getting completely wet due a downpour, I decided to go to visit the famous ” Crazy House” the architect decided to design this house in a way to make it as close as possible to the nature environment, so who lives there can feel closer to the nature. The …

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Bike trip arround “Da Lat”

Where is the tample ?

Sizing arround Nha Trang, I culd not find a tample. So I ask to a guy :”could you please explain me where is this tample ?” Since he could not really explain to me this easly, he just say: ”you, me, motorbike !” Which means, jump on my bike that I bring you there. And …

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“Da lat”

“Nha Trang”

Ho scoperto la pianta del bagigio

Today with my friend Leanne we decided to explore a Bit more the countryside by bike. She know a lot about cultivation plant etcetera so I learn a lot of new things.  But meanly I finally discovered where the ”bagigi” ”peanuts” come from. 08/03/2014

”Buona Pasqua”

Buona Pasqua a tutti !! Happy Easter to everyone !! This is a nice flower I found in Vietnam.

Is this a restaurant ?

Today I took my bike to explore arround ”Hoi an” city. After 2 our biking I was quite hungry so I start to look for some place where to eat. Of course I ended up in the countryside where there was not place where to eat. So I stop in front of a little house …

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