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Lago94, south of Phnom Pehn

Phnon Pehn, 15th August. We leave for Lago 94, a slum in Kandaok, Kandal Stung Province, 30 km south of Phnom Pehn, built on a small piece of land surrounded by water and reachable only by boat. The living condition there are very hard, children often don’t go to school and women are victims of …

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Day 22/23- Camp fire, dogs like the beach

This evening, although during the day it was raining, we tried anyway to light a fire on the beach. We were successful and we spent a really pleasant evening around the fire. After half day of rain, today we got an amazing weather so we spent almost all the time chilling out in the water. …

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Day 21 – Sunset

Today we decided to cross the island in order to see the sunset which sounds promising. After 45 minutes walking in the jungle, we arrived just in time to appreciate the beautiful view. At first it seems that a big storm was coming close to us, but soon we realized that it remained just in …

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Day 20 – Koh Rong Sanloem

After spending a couple of days in Kampot, we decided to go by boat in the island of Ko Rong Sanloem. The island is pretty small and not many tourists are there now so we could enjoy its beautiful beach without much crowd. We were also lucky because we ended up there during a day …

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Day 19 – Kampot

Before getting addicted to my last hostel, with a couple of friends we decided to go to visit the city of Kampot. Kampot is a pretty village facing the sea, quite touristic, but we decided to get a place a bit further from the city, really quiet. Posted by Giovanni

Day 18 – Sunrise

As I mentioned, the place where I decided to spend a couple of days of relax, is really beautiful. But so far I was too lazy to wake up soon in the morning to appreciate the sunrise. This morning I collected all the energy and set up three alarm clock in order to enjoy the …

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Day 17 – Crabs

Today with a couple of friends we decided to rent a motorbike to go to visit the nearby city of Kep. The city is famous for delicious and fresh crabs and its incontaminated national park. We took a walk of three hours in the national park which is surrounded by the sea. Here is a …

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Day 16 – Time to relax

After nearly 1500 km and 16 days of biking I decided to continue my Cambodian exploration in the south where I will have my deserved relax. So here I am in Kampot, a pretty small city at the extreme south of Cambodia. I decided to spend a couple of days in a nice hostel located …

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Day 15 – The circus

If you haven’t read it yet, here it is: why this trip ! Back to Phnom Penh today I got to know that in the city a famous circus was performing. So I decided to get a ticket to watch the show. The performers were all young Cambodians who do this as job. This circus …

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Day 14 – The rainbow

If you did not read yet, here it is: why this trip ! Today I started my way back to “Phnom Phen”. According to my plan, I should have covered the whole distance in one day driving, but unexpectedly after one hour a nice and refreshing rain came. I decided then to stop for a …

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