Lago94, south of Phnom Pehn

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Phnon Pehn, 15th August. We leave for Lago 94, a slum in Kandaok, Kandal Stung Province, 30 km south of Phnom Pehn, built on a small piece of land surrounded by water and reachable only by boat.
The living condition there are very hard, children often don’t go to school and women are victims of violence from their husbands.

The families living in that area are displaced people who have lost properties and job and have abusively occupied that piece of land, where some companies are interested to build factories.

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We arrive near the slum by van and we take the boat: after few minutes we put our feet on the groud and the children welcome us. We enter the school and we spend some time with the woman, telling us about their condition, their problems and their activities. Thanks to Cam to Me, and Italian NGO, and Cooperation from Prosperity, a Cambodian NGO, 2 kindergartens have been built, 40 childern has been given basic literacy and provided with hygienic care , and 10 youngsters are housed in the “House of hope”.

The women have also founded a cooperative in order to get some income from handicraft commercial activities.
There is still a lot to do there, the solution would be to buy a new land not far from there but it would cost about 150.000,00 USD.
If you are planning to visit Cambodia you can have the chance to visit Lago94 creating a positive impact. If you are interested, please drop me a line.

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