July 2019 archive

Day 3 (Altavia 4) – Dolomiti – R.Città di Carpi -》 Lago di Misurina -》 R. Vandelli, Lago di Sorapis (6h – 24km)

Day 2 (Altavia 4) – Dolomiti – Rifugio Auronzo -》 R. Fratelli Fonda Savio -》 R. Città di Carpi (6h – 12km)

Day 1 (Altavia 4) – Dolomiti – Moso -》 Locatelli -》 R. Auronzo (3.5h – 16km)

We started the trip in the town of Moso, hiking with our backpacks towards Tre Cime de Lavaredo passing Rifugio Locatelli and Rigugio Lavaredo on the way. The Tre Cime peaks stand at 2,999 meters high but seem even taller closer up because of their narrow shape. The view is a grand sight to see …

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