Halong bay

Well the bay is a wanderful place but  way to much turistic.

Lẻ cầu may

Do you think i possible to go out in Hanoi eat a nice dinner buy some fruits and come back home with more money than before ? Well yes IT IS ! If you are lucky enough to find a rare celebration called “Lẻ cầu may” Here in short: A  monk in a tample which …

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Ninh Binh

Le guardiane del tempio

Random travelling in Hanoi I noticed a little tample. So I decided to spend some time with the two lady who take care of it.  They offer me tea an fruits. Vietnamese people are very friendly and helpful.

Hanoi arround Hoan Kiem lake

“Le Cao Hung” l’abitante del lago,  nel senso che dorme li… parli Inglese ? No tu Vietnamita ? No ma il mio cell Si Come ti chiami ? Non riesco a leggere lo schermo…. Intuisco Vabbe fa nulla ti offro una birra ? Ok Questa è birra ? Ok Vuoi questa tu ? Ok .. …

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Real vietnamise food

Delicious food


6 kg of stuff 3 of backpack = 9 kg a bit to much we will see what to through away


Let’s start

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